Short Luxurious loose wavy Bob Wig

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Breathtakingly beautiful Wig that feels and moves like human hair, looks so natural.

Product Highlights:

Breathtaking #Wig Designs,High perfect for every day use, Feels and moves like human hair. Also great for #Halloween, #weddings #dating #costume party, play, #clubs and #dance

These newly designed lace front light weight wigs have taken the hair makeover sector by storm. Cost effective, beautifully styled, a variety of colours, density and natural looking have made them a hit.

Product Highlights

1.Wig Material: 100% Japanese High Temperature Heat Resistant Synthetic fiber. This means it has the versitality similar to human hair that can be curled or straightened without the huge upfront cost.

2.You will be amazed by the quality. Wearing it, can bring you more confidence, and more charm and become a head turner.

3.It is both natural looking and soft to the touch. You can wear it for daily use.

4. These brand of Wigs can fit adults and teenagers because there is an adjustable elastic band with hook inside, you can adjust it according to your needs.

5.The item is Easy to wash and care just using a little mild shampoo in cold water or Luke warm water.

6.This product can be applied with no glue if you prefer. You can use edge control for defining baby hairs.

About wig care:

1.Not to spray gel, oils or wax on the wig which will cause the wig to become oily.
2.Be careful when usining hair pin for fear that it may damage the net. Most wigs come with inside attachment clips.
3.Be gentle and patience when comb wigs.And long wigs should be combed from the bottom working in stages towards the top.
4.After use, put it back to the box or place on a dummy head to keep the shape.
5.If hair knotted after long use,use non-oily maintenance fluid for wigs or go to a wig maintainance expert.

About washing:
1.There is no need to wash before you first wear.
2.Remember to wash the wig termly(usually wash once in one or two months).
3.Wash in cold or warm water with common shampoo simple shampoo.
4.After washing, best let it dry naturally or use a towel to help dry.
5.After washing, don't comb the hairs before it dries unless you are a professional wig maintainer.

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